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Software MERP

Comprehensive resource management software MERP is one of the web-based products of Maham Sanat Viravision Automation Company, which has been developed and implemented with the aim of meeting and solving the needs of your organization in any scale and scope. Comprehensive and integrated MERP software enables you to accurately define all the processes of your organization and evaluate, manage and make a plan

Importance and role of MERP

Due to the importance and prominent role of data and organizational processes in basic decisions, planning and business development as well as the optimal performance of the organization, MERP with developed facilities that MERP can create communication and complete integration of the department of your organization and also by providing complete and accurate reports on the current and future status of the organization, it will become the main tool for the progress, forecasting and management of your business. It does not matter what field you operate in or how large your organization is. The figure is, MERP adapts to your business and will be your key partner on the way to success.

 System CRM


Comprehensive resource management system or CRM can be defined as an integrated software that has systems for development and planning of production, sales, marketing, distribution, accounting, human resource management, project management, service management and maintenance and repairs. It is transportation and business management.

Architecture and structureCRM


The architecture and structure of crm is such that it provides the integration of information at the level of the organization and creates a smooth flow from different parts of the organization. By providing comprehensive facilities, these systems can cover the departments of your organization or company and thereby increase efficiency and productivity as much as possible