Management system Contractor communication  


Considering the increasing approach of companies and organizations in outsourcing their goods and services needs in recent decades, managing the concluded contracts and communicating with contractors is one of the most important, central and sensitive challenges of such organizations. has become The need for effective and real-time communication with contractors can help to achieve the best results of outsourcing projects.
System features


  • Determining the financial status of contractors
  • Determining contractors' privileges
  • Registration of goods, items, equipment and payments of outsourcing projects
  • Complete reports on the status of projects and contractors
  • and other customized features of your organization for this section
  • And all the customized processes and facilities of your organization's public relations unit
  • The possibility of registering and defining contractors with all the necessary details
  • The possibility of registering and defining outsourcing projects and assigning them to contractors
  • The possibility of assigning contracts to separate contractors
  • Registering and determining the paid costs of outsourcing projects
  • Determining the status of outsourcing projects