Management system Document and contract  


Dispersion of information is one of the constant problems of organizations and the establishment of a centralized archive of documents, files and information is one of their main concerns. Files, documents, maps, contracts, personnel files, financial documents, etc. are among the most valuable information assets of organizations, which lack of proper protection, classification and access lead to the loss of physical and electronic documents due to various reasons and loss of time and financial resources. It involves a lot and requires additional efforts to restore them. Merp documents, documents and contracts management system is the most appropriate and fastest solution to reduce costs, eliminate paper, document storage space and speed up current affairs with information integration between all units and prevent loss. Information is going

  • Storage of all documents
  • Classification of documents and allocation to different units
  • Very fast search to find the information you need
  • Determine access levels for information and people
  • Registration and designation of confidential documents and documents with a special access level
  • Making various reports of information
  • Defining contract types and assigning access levels
  • Definition of types of people related to the contract
  • Definition of manpower contracts
  • Defining the contract in an integrated way with purchasing, sales and human resources systems
  • Definition of goods purchase contracts
  • Definition of contracts for the sale of goods
  • Definition of various types of contract payment steps
  • And other customized features you need for organizational information documents