Management Human resource  


Human resources management system is one of the most important management parts in any organization. Human resources are one of the most important capitals of any organization, and organizations must take effective measures in the field of human resources management to achieve their goals and implement their strategies. In the competitive and complex business environment of today’s world, creativity and innovation in organizations is very important, and business management strategies and tactics must keep pace with changes. And this is where the importance of human resource management in ensuring the success of an organization and creating a competitive advantage for it is determined. The optimal performance of the units and the entire organization depends on the efficient implementation of human resource management measures. In this way, only human resource managers are not responsible in this field, but all managers and members of the organization must have the necessary participation in this area, and a software solution can fully answer this problem


Evaluation system and

Employee evaluation

  • Definition of evaluation indicators
  • Definition of evaluation periods (monthly, quarterly, six months, yearly)
  • Definition of employee evaluation forms
  • The possibility of receiving index points from the evaluation form
  • The possibility of evaluating and determining all the characteristics of employees (personality, mental, family, etc.)
  • Ability to monitor all employee statuses

The absorption system and


  • The possibility of issuing a recruitment request
  • Job determination and job characteristics
  • Ability to define job description
  • The possibility of defining any type of form as a test or interview
  • Ability to design job application forms
  • Sending selected people's information to the personnel system

Law system and


  • Ability to define employee bank accounts
  • Ability to define insurance types and insurance parameters
  • Ability to define salary parameters
  • Ability to define and categorize pay slips
  • Ability to calculate salary and holiday tax
  • Ability to deduct loan installments from employees' monthly salaries
  • Defining all salary measures of the organization

Unit system


  • Ability to define all types of training courses
  • The possibility of defining training contacts, instructors, etc., and assigning them to training courses
  • Ability to define the skills required by jobs
  • Ability to determine fees for training courses
  • The possibility of applying for training courses
  • Registration and attendance system for training courses



  • The possibility of registering all personnel information
  • The possibility of recording employee file information
  • The possibility of defining the jobs of the organization and job group
  • Ability to define organization units
  • Ability to send information to other integrated units
  • Registration of all contracts and notice of termination of the contract



  • Ability to send SMS and email to all personnel
  • Determine the arrival and departure hours of employees
  • Calculation of hours of attendance and absence of employees
  • Ability to define types of leave
  • The possibility of applying for leave with different conditions
  • Defining the processes of the attendance and leave system