Management of distribution and transport 


The high number of processes of loading, transferring and delivering goods from various origins to various destinations requires strict control and supervision by managers and executives, which manual and traditional systems will definitely not meet the needs of these types of companies due to their low speed and accuracy. Therefore, it seems necessary to design and implement a transportation system that has the ability to automate the management and planning process as well as report the entered information with high speed and accuracy

  • Ability to define drivers and all their information
  • Ability to define vehicles and determine their type
  • Defining the type of employment and personnel position with details
  • Definition of contractors and contract drivers
  • Defining the condition of car parts, main equipment and spare parts
  • Registering the use of cars such as refrigerators, tents, flats, etc. with details
  • The possibility of defining partner transport and freight companies
  • The possibility of defining customers and owners of cargo and goods
  • The possibility of reporting vehicles used in the company
  • Ability to report the list of drivers
  • Integration with warehouse, sales and customer affairs systems
  • The possibility of registering information about car insurance
  • Registration and control of vehicle fuel costs
  • The possibility of recording information related to fuel consumption of vehicles
  • Ability to define financial processes for receiving and delivering cargo
  • The possibility of registering documents for drivers, cars, representatives, owners
  • The possibility of registering guidebook items
  • Ability to send text messages and emails to drivers and cargo owners with desired and automatic content
  • The possibility of defining a shipping contract
  • The possibility of registering all the information of bills of lading
  • Ability to search product information based on a part of the product name, product code and model
  • Reminder before the validity of various documents expires
  • The possibility of registering and editing drivers' profiles with full details
  • The possibility of obtaining a report of the shipments made based on the origin and destination of the shipment
  • The possibility of registering a request for spare parts
  • The possibility of assigning a driver to each vehicle and load
  • Reporting of shipments with different filters
  • Report on the repair status of light and heavy vehicles
  • Report the cost of replaced parts in the repair shop
  • Report on the activities of drivers
  • And all the processes, operations and special reports of your organization in the transportation sector