Management of repairs and maintenance  


In today’s era, one of the basic foundations in any organization is equipment, machinery and human power, and on the other hand, in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of providing services and reach global standards, special attention should be paid to increasing the efficiency of machinery and reducing construction costs and The machines stopped. Substitution of machines instead of humans, automation and intelligentization of machines in today’s world has led to the need for machine software to be ready to provide services on a moment-by-moment basis and other usual methods of the past are not the answer to these problems. With Merp’s maintenance and repair system, all machines, tools and parts will be fully ready for service while reducing costs

  • Integrated communication with production and storage systems
  • The possibility of defining machines and equipment along with their technical specifications
  • The possibility of grouping machines and equipment
  • The possibility of defining the locations of machinery and equipment
  • Defining the types of expertise required for maintenance and repair workers
  • The possibility of determining the man-hour cost of maintenance and repairs staff
  • Ability to define and categorize types of maintenance and repairs
  • The possibility of defining the reasons for canceling or delaying maintenance and repair operations
  • Ability to define all types of maintenance and repair costs
  • The possibility of defining safety points and assigning them to the activities of this unit
  • Ability to define types of machinery and equipment failure
  • Ability to define repair activities
  • The possibility of determining the list of parts for each group of machines and equipment
  • Ability to follow the status of service requests
  • Report of maintenance and repair programs
  • Report of maintenance and repairs
  • Report on maintenance and repairs (preventive, corrective and predictive)
  • Parts consumption report
  • Report on the number of people per hour consumed
  • Report of completed maintenance and repair activities
  • Maintenance and repair cost report
  • Machinery and equipment condition report
  • Machinery and equipment stoppage report
  • And all the customized processes and reports of your organization...