Management system Material requirements  


One of the problems faced by many manufacturing companies and which always focuses the minds of senior managers is actually the growth and development of industrial technology and increasing the scope of competition in order to respond to the changing needs of customers, which is the planning process. The materials and parts required for the products and the management of its correct and accurate implementation are very complicated and time-consuming, and in many cases it has increased the amount of working capital required to supply the raw materials. Therefore, in addition to considering all the effective elements, the material requirements planning system provides a faster and more accurate solution for your business

  • Integration with warehouse, financial, purchasing and...
  • The possibility of registering and confirming the purchase of services
  • Forecasting the requirements of the coming months based on the production and sales plan
  • The possibility of defining the supply times (purchase, production) of raw and semi-finished materials
  • Receive inventory information from the warehouse
  • Get the standard prices of materials from the warehouse module
  • Receive information on orders on the way
  • Calculation and scheduling of purchase requests and production orders
  • Issuing orders for requesting goods from the warehouse, requesting domestic purchases, foreign purchases, outsourcing
  • The possibility of determining the ordering policy for purchase or production
  • Complete reports of needs, journeys and all involved departments
  • And all your customized processes and reports