Management Warehouse 


With the increase in the volume of goods entering and leaving warehouses, traditional methods including manual registration of goods entering and leaving are no longer responsive. Eliminating the paper buying and selling process, high speed in finding product information, accurate and real-time reports on the warehouse status and the integrity of the warehouse or other units of supply, sales, production, etc. are only part of the special facilities that the Merp warehouse system has Business owners putد

  • Management of warehouse processes
  • Management of warehouse and goods status
  • Information integration between warehouse and sales
  • The possibility of registering and editing the details of goods, warehouses and customers
  • The possibility of defining product groups and assigning products to defined groups
  • Ability to search product information based on a part of the product name, product code and model
  • The possibility of registering and editing drivers' profiles with full details
  • The possibility of sending SMS when the goods arrive in the warehouse
  • The possibility of sending SMS when the goods leave
  • Display of inventory at the company and warehouse level
  • Registration and editing of goods returned to warehouse and repairs
  • The possibility of registering transport details, driver and bill of lading number
  • Ability to register remittances between warehouses
  • Registration of purchase and sale invoices
  • Warning of the minimum and maximum inventory of goods when leaving the warehouse
  • Choose photos for products
  • Definition of types of storage, consumption, capital, waste, etc
  • Definition of product groups
  • Issuance of entry and exit permits
  • Transferring goods between different warehouses
  • The possibility of defining various circulation routes for all goods
  • Detailed circulation report of warehouses by product type
  • General inventory list based on product group, product code and product type
  • And other facilities and reports required by your organization