Management Planning and production 


Production planning and management system is one of the main needs of every company. One of the most key parts of any organization is the production unit, which needs accurate monitoring, management and planning at the moment. Also, the need for continuous integration and communication between the production line and purchasing units, warehousing, inventory control, sales, etc. will no longer be cost-effective as in the past, it will cause delays in the process and decrease the production rate. MERP provides a precise solution to meet these needs with the following salient features

  • Implementation of planning and production processes
  • Integration of all production line information and no need to repeat data entry
  • Diversity in reporting
  • Integration with the maintenance unit
  • Integration with the supply chain unit
  • Reducing the steps required to order and request items and parts
  • The possibility of recording waste during production
  • The possibility of re-recording during and after production
  • Integration with production schedule
  • The possibility of continuous management of new or replacement items in the production cycle
  • Production and supply planning
  • Integration with the project management unit
  • Integration of all logistics processes including requests from the warehouse, moving within the company, between two companies and selling outside the organization
  • Serial number tracking in packages and inventory control
  • Product tracking in intra-organizational and after-sales processes
  • The possibility of issuing a request from the warehouse to transfer materials from the warehouse to the production line based on the list of fractional parts
  • Ability to record status and progress for each stage of work
  • The possibility of recording problems created during production
  • And other customized features of your organization. . .