Management Public relations  


Public relations in today’s organizations plays a very important role in advancing business goals. The quantitative and qualitative improvement of the organization’s activities, increasing the productivity of the facilities and human resources is based on the reflection of the organization’s activities with the society and the use of the community’s facilities and capabilities and the public participation of its people. And in this regard, public relations play a very important role as a link between organizations and society.
System features


  • Defining and managing important organizational and non-organizational meetings and appointments
  • Integration with customer systems, management and...
  • Record all the activities of the public relations unit
  • Registration and storage of advertising and information documents
  • The possibility of preparing reports with different filters of all public relations activities
  • And all the customized processes and facilities of your organization's public relations unit
  • Notification system with SMS and email capabilities
  • SMS and email reminder system to notify events
  • Defining and managing the communication media of the organization
  • Defining and managing advertising campaigns
  • Definition and management of conferences and exhibitions